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Lifestyle is a composite of motivations, needs, interests, activities, opinions, values, attitudes and wants and is influenced by factors such as culture, family, reference groups, and social class. It also reflects people's self image or self concept; the way they see themselves and believe they are seen by the others.

There is no greater feeling than having your bags packed and knowing you’re ready to go on your next adventure. There are few things in life that will impact you as much as traveling will. Something happens to us when we board a plane in one country and land in another—it’s almost as if our eyes open again for the first time. The excitement and life experiences that happen when you travel are unlike anything else. It’s hard to capture in words the moment when you see the sunset behind the Colosseum in Rome or when you finally can understand what someone is saying in another language. These moments are transformative; they take us out of our element and remind us of why we are here.

Here are five reasons traveling will change your life:

1. You broaden your perspective.

2. You learn to live in the moment.

3. You value experience over things.

4. You learn to roll with things.

5. You are more open to different ways of life.


Image: "Newport Harbour Sailing" by Ian D. Keating is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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