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10 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

If you are wondering where to spend your New Year’s Eve, you might want to consider these places that are known for celebrating the coming New Year with a bang!

  • New York City.  Revelers troop to Times Square to watch a 12-foot-wide weighing nearly 12,000 pounds crystal ball drop ushering the New Year. Nothing beats New York when it comes to celebrating New Year’s!
  • Sydney. Who doesn’t remember how fantastic the fireworks were when Sydney ushered in the new millennium. The city is known for being the home to the world’s largest fireworks display attracting more than a million revelers in Sydney Harbor.
  • Hong Kong. A dramatic skyline with buildings lighting their fireworks simultaneously, plus a pyrotechnic dragon that dances across the sky, the city provide locals and tourists a reason to celebrate the incoming year.
  • Berlin. Enjoy partying at the “Party Mile,” a two-kilometer stretch where the fun doesn’t ends with its number of party tents, bars, food stalls, music stages, video screens, laser shows, capped with fireworks displays at midnight.
  • Las Vegas. A humongous street party awaits you in the strip with live bands providing entertainment. Watch the rooftops of the hotels in the strip light up when midnight strikes.  Its hotels also provide entertainment options for those who would rather celebrate inside.  
  • Manila. This city does not boast of fantastic fireworks display for everyone, but the sky lights up during midnight with hundreds of thousands of locals lighting up their own fireworks. Night turns into day in Manila during New Year’s Eve.
  • Edinburgh.  The annual Hogmanay which means the last day of the year, is celebrated with lots of dancing, partying, and grooving in the downtown area where world-renowned musical performers showcase their acts.
  • London. With Big Ben and an amazing ten-minute lightshow and fireworks display, ushering the New Year, London is one of the best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve, and the fun doesn’t stop at midnight! After parties, parades, and a procession of the Queen’s horses can be enjoyed on New Year’s Day.
  • Orlando. The best place to celebrate New Year’s Eve with the kids. Walt Disney World provides activities, parades, live shows, dance parties and confetti explosions throughout the day and night, capped with a spectacular fireworks display at midnight.
  • Rio de Janeiro.  You can party hard at Copacabana Beach where about two million people turn up to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Live musical and dance performances are held at oceanfront stages. The city is known for hosting the largest wildest New Year’s Eve party in the world!

Forget the old and welcome the new in any of these places. Have a Happy New Year! Consult your travel agent for more details. 

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