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10 Exciting Family Travel Destinations

Are you planning to bring the whole family to an exciting holiday? Here are 10 exciting destinations that the whole family will surely enjoy...

  1. Anaheim, California, United States: Take advantage of Orange County's adventure offers. Here you will find Disneyland, aquariums, numerous beaches, and museums. There are lots of restaurants here as well where you can fill up your tank after visiting all the tourist destinations in Anaheim.
  2. Bahamas, Caribbean: With 700 islands of fun, the Bahamas offers families a holiday immersion with lots of sun and nature. Families can explore the Adventure Learning Centre's petting farm, enjoy the sights in the planetarium, or try out some of the nature trails. Of course, there are plentiful beaches for some down time.
  3. Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland: Known as a friendly and frenetic destination, Dublin is definitely the perfect holiday place for families. You can ride the Viking Splash Tour or visit the Dublin Zoo. You can also have a family picnic in Phoenix Park, visit the Ark, or go to the children's cultural center in Temple Bar.
  4. Athens, Attica, Greece: Spend a unique holiday with your family in Athens where you can enjoy marvelous sights and unique experiences. Kids will surely be left in awe when they see, in person, buildings they've only seen in movies like the Parthenon and the Acropolis.
  5. Rome, Lazio, Italy: Guaranteed to impress even your teens, Rome is a captivating getaway with something unforgettable for everyone. See the ghoulish bone-decorated Santa Maria della Concezione or try the delicious slew of ice cream stops.

Other destinations that will make for a fun family vacation include London in the United Kingdom, Cancun in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, Barcelona in Spain, the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean, and Munich in Germany.

Whichever destination you choose for your next family holiday, it is best that you get the best itinerary and stay in a hotel that is perfect for families. Book your holiday with a travel agent so you can get the best deals available!

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