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5 Easy Beach Friendly Meals

One of the best ways to make a beach day successful is to make sure you have beach-friendly fare packed! From snacks to main dishes to desserts, there are lots of great foods that can wait it out in a cooler or picnic basket while you play in the waves. And, if they don’t require plates and utensils, even better! Never fear, just because a food is beach-friendly doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious! 

There are certain things you assume when you spend a day at the beach. For one thing, there will be sand everywhere. You can also assume all that fun in the sun and water will make everybody hungry. Very hungry. Here are 5 easy beach meals for your next beach day, whenever that will be. 

  1. Rainbow Fruit Skewers: Foods on a stick are GREAT for the beach because no utensils are required! These fruit kebobs are refreshing and cute to boot!
  2. Southern Fried Chicken: Fried chicken always travels well for a picnic or day outside, makes great finger food, and is filling and delicious!
  3. Popcorn: Popcorn isn't just fun to eat, it's also healthy. Popcorn is a natural whole-grain food that's high in fiber. It's also naturally low in fat. If you pop and season the popcorn yourself, you can make sure that it's tasty and stays healthy. Corn popped in an air popper is good.
  4. Berry Almond Salad: Pick up the Wendy's Berry Almond Chicken Salad for a beach day! It will last the day, and is light and fresh for a hot day at the beach. You can even make your own by combining lettuce, almonds and your favorite seasonal berries. 
  5. Shrimp Rolls: What better food to eat at the beach than seafood? These shrimp rolls are more affordable than lobster rolls, just as a delicious and are ready to get packed up in a cooler for a lunch at the beach!

​Keep these in mind when planning your next beach day. 

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