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5 great night clubs in Tel Aviv

The night scene in Israel is as active as in European country. Fortunately for the revelers, Israel does not experience the cold winters associated with most of Europe that makes venturing out of the house a 'daredevil' experience. Tel Aviv, the Israeli capital, is one of the freest capitals in Middle East. Note that most Islamic countries in Middle East have banned alcohol drinking and dancing to 'worldly' music. Tel Aviv is therefore an 'oasis of alcohol' in a region that does not take alcohol merrymaking kindly. Below is a sample of the best night clubs in Tel Aviv.

1. The PasáΕΎ

Literally translated as 'The Passage', Pasaz is one of the hippest nightspots in Tel Aviv. Its revelers include the young, hip and upwardly moving that is not inhibited by the Israeli customs of yesteryears. If you want to dance to the latest beats from around the world, this club is the place to be.

2. Rothschild 12

This is the most popular destination for those who love live entertainment. It showcases a series of intriguing performances, music concerts and other cultural activities every day in the evening. It also serves some of the best Israeli Cuisines. It is a place to hang out with friends.

3. Bugsy

Located in the Florentine neighborhood of Tel Aviv, this night club is ideal for taking your better half on a dinner date. It offers a good combination of food, music and less rowdy clouds.

4. Saloona

Located in one of the newest Tel Aviv suburbs - the Noga Neighborhood - this club boasts modern music system and state of the art lounging area. It is definitely working hard to ward off competition from the more established nightclubs. Its clientele is mixed.

5. Bootleg Club

If you want outlandish, then you will find it in Bootleg club. With club nights with themes such as Fetish Fridays, this club will give you the ultimate weekend experience.

Other popular night clubs in Tel Aviv include; The Block, The Comfort 13 Club, Clara Dance Bar, Cat and Dog Club, HaOman 17 Club and many more. Tel Aviv is up there with New York, Bangkok and London as one with the best night scene experience.

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