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Culture and cuisine go hand in hand. Sip and savour the flavours of the world with Collette and become united by the universal language of food. Our tour designers and guides—many of whom are foodies themselves—dedicate a great deal of time and research to crafting experiences that spotlight the unique culinary offerings of your destination.

Many of Collette’s culinary experiences put you at the heart of where a meal is made—in the kitchen. From exclusive cooking classes and culinary demonstrations to breaking bread with locals, we seek out the truly immersive culinary experiences. These are a few of our favourite ways to savour the flavours of the world.

For many families, special occasions and holidays are shaped around the meal. Whether it’s grandma’s chocolate chip cookies or your father’s signature casserole, bonds are established and preserved through food and drink. When you go on your next travel adventure, you’ll get a passport to experience these significant culinary traditions from around the world.

Drinks provide the palate with another means to taste a region’s unique culinary contributions.

A great cocktail or beverage jumpstarts a meal while at the same time revealing a country or city’s true flavour. Whether you fancy a pint of Guinness or prefer the lightness of an Aperol Spritz, the drinks you’ll savour on your travels cater to a variety of tastes. We’ve highlighted some of our favourite signature drinks that make a destination sparkle.

Wine in France

Wine lovers of the red, white, and bubbly varieties must put France on their travel to-do list. With over a dozen major regions, France produces the second most wine in the world, trailing only Italy. In fact, the country produces between 7-8 billion bottles every year! A journey through Bordeaux and the Dordogne Valley introduces you to two of the world’s most renowned wine regions. As you sip, savour, and explore several local wineries and vineyards, you’ll learn how interwoven wine is in France’s culture.

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