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Great Things To Do In Prague

The city of Prague in the Czech Republic is, in a word, legendary. But first time visitors can often be a bit overwhelmed by the many unique and eclectic sights that encompass this exciting European town. In order to make that first trip to Prague a little easier, here are some things you can do during your first day or two to get you acclimated.

As popular as it has been for tourists over the years, Prague has not always been one of the world's leading travel destinations. Only over the last decade or so has it really come into its own as a tourism hotspot and it is largely because people are beginning to discover all of the amazing things that Prague has to offer.

Tourism is on the rise in Prague thanks to rampant word-of-mouth and repeat visitors. But what exactly is it about this beautiful city that has the world talking? If you have been thinking of taking a trip to Prague then there is no time to do so like the present in order to find out the answer.

The neighborhood of Old Town is divided into two parts by an iconic landmark called the Charles Bridge. This incredibly popular and heavily trafficked bridge leads visitors to the Charles Tower Bridge, one of the city's premier attractions.

You may want to try seeing the Bridge early in the morning, though, rather than at mid-day since it gets almost unbearably crowded during the afternoon and evening.

In order to see what Prague was like before the fall of Communism, check out Cerny Most. This low-key neighborhood is set somewhat far from the main parts of the city and has some of the most amazing shopping and restaurants in the country.

Old Town Prague might just be the most popular place for locals and visitors alike in the entire city. The Kavarna Cafe and the Astronomical Clock are two sights that you absolutely must see at some point during your time in Prague, the neighborhood is also lined with several outstanding bars and coffee shops.

If you have been thinking of a trip to Prague then this article should push you a little closer to booking that airfare.

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