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King Tut may have company in his Tomb

With modern technologies come the abilities to investigate some of the most ancient of mysteries and, in this case, relics. Recently archaeologists reported they are almost certain a secret chamber lies hidden behind the walls of King Tut’s tomb. 

British archaeologist Nicholas Reeves made the first startling claim that King Tut may not be alone in his burial chamber. After spending months, analysing photos Reeves believed to discover the outlines of two doorways that had been covered over to hide them from view. Reeves believes that behind the concealed doorways rest an even more lavish tomb belonging to the legendary Queen Nefertiti. 

The evidence is now mounting that Reeves’s theory may be correct. In early November, third party researchers using infrared thermography conducted a scan that revealed various temperature differences on various portions of Tut's tomb. 

For more information on King Tut and the discovery check out the below video. 



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