Trip to Alaska

Must-See Attractions in Alaska

If you have always wanted to travel to Alaska but weren't sure if there was sufficient reason to go, wonder no more. Alaska is one of the most exciting travel destinations on the planet and as such it can provide a memorable vacation experience for you and your family.

Glaciers. Igloos. The Iditarod. These are some of the things that most people think of when they imagine travelling to Alaska. But there is so much more that this non-contiguous state has to offer its visitors.

If you want to maximize the enjoyment you have during your trip to Alaska, it requires something that every quality vacation requires - good planning. A significant part of that planning involves knowing ahead of time what there is to see and do once you reach your travel destination.

Denali national Park just might be the consummate Alaskan tourist attraction. This vast national park offers bus tours that allow visitors to see score of local wildlife such as moose, caribou, Dall sheep, and grizzly bears. North America's highest mountain peak, 20,320-foot Mount McKinley, is also located at Denali.

The Museum of the North at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks is an exciting collection of exhibits detailing the culture and history of Alaska. Fairbanks also features the famous Riverboat Discovery which is an extensive riverboat tour of the Chana and Tanana Rivers.

Arguably the most "must-see" attraction during a trip to Alaska is the Aurora Borealis, better known as the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights are an atmospheric event that features huge colorful and translucent wisps of light that occur near the North Pole and which can be seen from Alaska.

This fascinating light show is best viewed during the winter months when temperatures are at their lowest and during the middle of the night when it is darkest. It is impossible to describe the grandeur of the Aurora Borealis. You simply must arrange to join one of the many available guided Northern Lights tours experience them for yourself.

Alaska may be isolated from the rest of the continental United States but that doesn't mean it doesn't have as much to offer its visitors as anywhere else in the world. With the right amount of planning your Alaskan vacation can be more exciting and memorable than you ever thought it could be.

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