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US vacations are incredibly versatile—the options for travelers are many as the country has everything from outdoor fun to secluded romance and urban getaways. USA vacation spots cover a wide array of exciting cities, national parks, stunning beaches, magnificent mountains, and a range of climates that accommodates winter ski vacations in Colorado to sun-drenched beach getaways in the Florida Keys.

US vacation packages can make the dream a reality if you want to get to know all the best attractions in America from coast to coast. Whether you are traveling from a foreign country or simply want to get to know your home country a bit better, vacation packages within the US can be just as exciting as packages to Mexico, Europe, and the Caribbean islands. Many visitors are shocked by the sheer diversity of American packages available. From the best Alaska vacation packages that offer a once in a lifetime cruise around stunning glaciers to Las Vegas vacation packages or cheap NYC travel packages that deliver on seeing this exciting city affordably, options in America are truly endless.

Main Image: "NYC" by Claudio Marcon is in the Public Domain, CC0

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