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Newest 2019 Floating Art Workshop Onboard Uniworld

Magnificent Moselle & Rhine


We've added a new date to our Floating Art Workshop series led by renowned portrait and landscape artist Larry Aarons! Join us on the August 25, 2019, sailing of Magnificent Moselle & Rhine and learn to draw like a pro with a lesson on how to create a charcoal portrait using Larry's brush method. Plus, you'll enjoy a small and personalized class setting with a breathtaking view of a stunning European landscape and create a hand-drawn keepsake you'll cherish for years to come.

Day 1: Cologne (Embark)

Arrive at Cologne Airport. If your cruise package includes a group arrival transfer or if you have purchased a private arrival transfer, you will be greeted by a Uniworld representative and transferred to the ship.

Day 2: Cologne, Bonn

Start your day in Cologne. Take a guided tour of the famous Cologne Cathedral or experience it like a local by visiting its Kölsch beer halls, stylish Belgian Quarter or one of the many Art Nouveau cafés. This afternoon, your ship will arrive at Ludwig van Beethoven’s birthplace of Bonn. Here, you can explore the German National Museum of Contemporary History or pedal along the Rhine’s breathtaking promenade.

Choice of Cologne walking tour with Cologne Cathedral or "Do as the Locals Do" Cologne walking tour or Bonn espresso walk with shuttle to Museum of German Contemporary History or "Let's Go" Rhine promenade biking

Cologne walking tour with Cologne Cathedral

As you walk through the narrow lanes of the Old Town, you’ll find it hard to believe that more than 70 percent of the city was destroyed by bombs during WWII. The famous 12 Romanesque churches were reconstructed from the rubble, and The Cathedral, Cologne’s iconic landmark, rises magnificently in the city center. Though it was badly damaged by WWII, the great UNESCO-designated cathedral retains many of its original treasures—the relics of the Magi and other sacred figures, which inspired its building in the 12th century, the 14th-century stained-glass windows that were stored safely throughout the war and the beautifully painted choir stalls—though other treasures are displayed separately. Enter the awe-inspiring nave and learn about the history of the cathedral and its art collections, especially the pieces surrounding the Shrine of the Magi.

Note: The number of visitors allowed in Cologne Cathedral is regulated by a very strict schedule of time slots. Sightseeing will be arranged around the time slots obtained. On Sundays and Catholic holidays, guided tours inside the cathedral will not be possible.

"Do as the Locals Do" Cologne walking tour

Experience this culturally robust city like a local with visits to museums, Kölsch beer halls, the stylish Belgian Quarter or one of the many Art Nouveau cafés. Join your guide for an authentic look at Cologne, beginning with a visit to Hohenzollern Bridge. The bridge, which crosses over the Rhine, is flanked by four statues of former rulers. Pass by the unmistakable Cologne Cathedral on your way to an Eau de Cologne “tasting” at the Farina-House, where you’ll discover the world of perfume. Head to the Alter Markt, the historic square, and Heumarkt plaza, before having a taste of Cologne’s homegrown beer in a local brewery. Enjoy a look at the new Rheinauhafen district, a restoration project along the Rhine in an old harbor, featuring three Kranhauser—each a futuristic-looking, 17-story building.

Bonn espresso walk with shuttle to Museum of German Contemporary History

Visitors will find that Bonn, the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven, has plenty of note, including the great composer’s birth house, a string of top-rated museums, a lovely riverside setting and the nostalgic feel of the old government quarter. This excursion into town ambles along the glimmering riverside into the center of town, where you’ll have the opportunity to listen to the tales, history and lore of the area, like the story of witches and their subsequent hunting, the history of Nazi book burnings and the lore from the bishops of Bonn. This jaunt concludes with a choice to either visit the German Contemporary Museum or to stay in town and explore.

"Let's Go" Rhine promenade biking

This biking tour begins in Bonn, directly at the ship, and takes you along the Rhine promenade, past the tallest building in the region and Langer Eugen, the UN campus. Continue on to the Remagen-Rolandswerth region before reaching the beautiful camping location, Siebengebirgsblick. Here you will enjoy a stop at a beer garden, complete with a gorgeous view over the Siebengebirge and the Castle Drachenburg. After an adequate rest (and above-adequate beer), return to Bonn by way of ferry and a short bridge crossing back to the ship.

In the evening, a special Captain’s Welcome Reception and Dinner will be prepared for you.

Day 3: Cochem

Perhaps one of Germany’s most colorful cities, Cochem feels just like a storybook with its dramatic castles. impressive landscapes and pastel-colored shops, restaurants and buildings lining the banks of the Moselle. Perched high above on a cliff, the brilliant Cochem Castle, or Reichsburg Cochem, brings German history and culture to life and provides panoramic views of the Moselle and Cochem below. Amidst Cochem’s rolling hills sits the community of Ediger-Eller. Enchanting in its own right, Ediger-Eller shares many of its neighboring towns' German characteristics and charm. Embark on an exploration of the town where you’ll be joined by the mayor of Ediger-Eller for a tasting of scrumptious local Rieslings. Or, head to the outskirts of town and journey through some of Europe’s steepest Riesling vineyards.

Featured Excursion:

Ediger-Eller “Village Day”

Choice of Cochem–Pearl of the Moselle–and magnificent Reichsburg Castle or “Let’s Go” Riesling vineyard hike

Ediger-Eller “Village Day”

Cochem–Pearl of the Moselle–and magnificent Reichsburg Castle

“Let’s Go” Riesling vineyard hike

Day 4: Trier, Remich

Trier is no stranger to famous landmarks, stunning cathedrals, natural beauty, UNESCO World Heritage sites and architectural treasures. See Trier’s Roman heritage and Gallic charm as you stroll to some of the city’s most notable spots. Marvel at stone Roman gate, Porta Nigra, the Karl Marx house, Imperial Baths and more.

Featured Excursion:

Trier panoramic walking tour

Trier panoramic walking tour

Day 5: Trier, Bernkastel

On this day, uncover the region's diverse history and natural landscapes at the Roman Villa Borg. The villa was reconstructed to be an authentic representation of the buildings that originally stood as part of an agricultural facility. Or discover one of Germany’s most scenic wonders, the Saar Bow, a breathtaking river loop that astonishingly cuts into the landscape. The higher you hike, the more magical the views of this breathtaking natural formation become. In the neighboring country of Luxembourg, experience a healthy dose of historical novelties with a visit to the expansive Luxembourg American War Cemetery and Memorial of General Patton, one of the heroes of World War II.

Choice of Roman Villa Borg and the Saar Bow or Luxembourg with WWII cemetery

Roman Villa Borg and the Saar Bow

Luxembourg with WWII cemetery

Over the course of 900 years, Luxembourg grew into one of the greatest fortified sites in Europe because of its strategic geographical position and ever-changing political affiliations. Your panoramic city tour will introduce you to centuries-old battlements as well as to the gleaming high-rises that denote the city’s status as a 21st-century international financial center. To best discover the heart of Old Town, though, you’ll want to walk with a local expert to Notre Dame Cathedral, a fine example of late-Gothic architecture, and the Grand Ducal Palace, where both Louis XIV and Napoleon resided. It has been the official residence of the reigning Grand Duke since 1890.

Your tour ends at Place d’Armes, “the city’s sitting room.” Surrounded by shops and sidewalk cafés, with frequent free afternoon concerts, this is the lively heart of Luxembourg. You’ll have some free time to enjoy yourself on your own there. Or choose to continue to the WWII Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial, which lies just within the limits of Luxembourg City. The 50-acre cemetery was established on December 29, 1944, by General George S. Patton’s Third U.S. Army, which liberated Luxembourg. More than 5,000 U.S. military dead are buried here—many of whom lost their lives in the Battle of the Bulge—along with General Patton himself. See the beautiful grounds, white stone chapel and monument honoring the fallen.

Day 6: Bernkastel

Bernkastel sits peacefully in the Moselle Valley and is as romantic and picture-perfect as it gets. Explore by foot its scenic streets, taverns and vineyards, and enjoy a tasting of exceptional regional Rieslings. Aside from the medieval marketplace, a must-see is the Graach Gate, the last remaining town gate of Bernkastel-Kues. Its original purpose was that of protection, hoping to ward off foreign aggression in the 1300s, but now it’s a museum of local history and a beloved landmark. If a bike is your transportation of choice, cycle along the dreamy paths of the middle Moselle.

Choice of Bernkastel village and vineyard walk with Riesling tasting or “Let’s Go” biking the scenic Middle Moselle

Bernkastel village and vineyard walk with Riesling tasting

A leisurely walk around the romantic village of Bernkastel awaits today. Wander through the town’s idyllic cobbled streets that are lined with half-timbered houses and secluded courtyards, and pass by beautiful marketplaces and open air cafés. During this proud winemaking town’s summer harvest, winemakers and residents open their houses throughout the many festivals so you can come in and taste the fruits of their labor. Take note of the lovely Market Square and its remarkably well-preserved buildings clustered around the 17th-century St. Michael’s Fountain.

“Let’s Go” biking the scenic Middle Moselle

Follow the serene 14 miles of riverside bike paths along the Moselle. As this gentle pathway twists and turns, you’ll cross over two bridges and enjoy numerous stops for pictures and refreshments. You’ll even enjoy a tasting of three outstanding wines (including the unique Eiswein, a wine produced from grapes frozen while still on the vine) at a wine estate, which boasts immaculately kept vineyards and handpicked grapes.

Day 7: Boppard, Rüdesheim

Boppard is as picture-perfect as it gets. Wander through its stone-laden streets, riverside walking paths and historic center, stopping in for wine at the half-timbered taverns serving up exceptional Riesling from grapes grown on nearby vineyards. Make your way up to arguably the best view in the entire region, Rhine Bend, by scenic chairlift ride. See the Rhine River at its most astonishing point and stroll or bike through its vineyard-dotted hillsides before heading back down to its waterfront streets.

Choice of Boppard village stroll or “Let’s Go” Rhine hiking or “Let’s Go” Rhine biking

Boppard village stroll

Embark on a walk on your own through this attractive town with a long and surprising history. Take a chairlift to the top of the hill for a great view of the valley and the river (you can hike the return route, if you’re up for it); enjoy a glass of wine at a local tavern and watch the water traffic on the river; or ride a bicycle along the Rhine promenade. You might also visit Saint Severus Church, whose twin towers dominate the waterfront, or explore the remains of a fourth-century Roman fort. If you’re interested in design and the decorative arts, stop by the Museum Boppard to see the exhibit on native son Michael Thonet, who developed the technique of bentwood furniture in the 1840s. His iconic, lightweight chairs are still popular in cafés throughout Europe. Or simply stroll beneath the trees along the city’s scenic riverside promenade, which is lined with the gorgeous villas of 19th-century entrepreneurs.

“Let’s Go” Rhine hiking

Welcome to Boppard on the Rhine. Many people have called this place their home throughout history—the Celts, Romans and Franks being among them. All of these groups have left their mark on the 2,000-year-old town, which can be seen through every street and stone that lays in Boppard. Take in the town from a bird’s-eye view from Vierseenblick, a nearby peak that can be accessed by a 20-minute chairlift ride. Have a hike around the top, enjoy the surrounding splendor—like the four lakes that are visible from the vantage point—and even snap a few photos 322 meters above sea level. Once satisfied, head back down to the city center for shopping and free time before returning to the ship.

“Let’s Go” Rhine biking

Begin this 30 km ride (18.6 miles) in Boppard and enjoy various stops and charming sights in between. The tour will take you through Bopparder Hamm and on to the 800-year-old Marksburg Castle, which begs for a photo-op. The ride continues through some of the biggest vineyards of the Rhine region—a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s home to the Riesling, Rivaner and Spätburgunder grapes. Peddle onward to a beer garden for a rest and a refreshing glass of some of the area’s best beers.

Day 8: Mainz

Start your day with an array of opportunities in this colorful and medieval German city nestled on the Rhine. What was once a Roman military post, Mainz still holds on to its historical importance in a whole new age. Explore Mainz’s natural wonders with a walking tour of Wiesbaden and its hot springs. Or wander around Mainz’s Old Town and marvel at its old-world buildings’ Gothic architecture. Mainz is marvelous. When your afternoon begins, journey to the extraordinary Eberbach Abbey, one of the most remarkable architectural sites in all of Germany. The former monastery sits in the acclaimed Rheingau region and has been a popular movie and television filming location. We’ll treat you to a Rheingau Riesling wine tasting within its historic walls.

Featured Excursion:

Abbey Eberbach Medieval Monastery tour with Riesling tasting

Choice of Wiesbaden walking tour or Mainz Espresso walk to Old Town

Abbey Eberbach Medieval Monastery tour with Riesling tasting

Kloster Eberback is a former Cistercian monastery built in the Romanesque and early Gothic style, and is considered one of the most significant architectural sites in the region. In fact, some of the interior scenes of the 1986 movie The Name of the Rose—based on the best-selling novel by Umberto Eco—were filmed here. You’ll have a guided tour of the monastery followed by a tasting of locally grown Rieslings.

Back onboard, settle down on the Sun Deck and prepare to be dazzled after you leave Rüdesheim and enter the sublime landscape of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. Byron described it as “a work divine, a blending of all beauties.” Turner painted it. Wagner used it as inspiration for his opera Götterdämmerung. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this scenic 40-mile (65-kilometer) stretch of the Rhine features a stunning, castle-dotted landscape that 19th-century composers, painters and poets considered the embodiment of an ideal romantic spirit, which was later dubbed “Rhine Romanticism.” Legend plays its part here too, with shipwrecks and lost lovers attributed to the Lorelei who, so the tale goes, lured all to their doom in the Rhine. Each bend and twist of the river affords new delights: Steep riverbanks are graced with sloping vineyards and picturesque towns, and hill tops are crowned by fairytale castles. Each one of those castles tells a tale: of great families raising fortresses, of warfare and ruin, and of rebuilding through the centuries. Some castles have been entirely reconstructed; others tower above the water in majestic ruin, still an inspiration for romantics.

Wiesbaden walking tour

Wiesbaden, which translates to “Meadow Baths,” stands as one of Europe’s oldest spa towns thanks to its plentiful hot springs. This, coupled with its balmier climate, has also granted it the nickname of “The Nice of the North” and the reputation of a town of leisure. Walk the streets of Wiesbaden and discover this nuanced and architecturally rich city. One of the region’s most opulent opera houses, the neo-classical Kurhaus spa-house, an historic casino, and the Kochbrunnen hot-spring fountain can all be found in this fabulous city. Won’t you join us?

Mainz Espresso walk to Old Town

Mainz is magnificent. Today, many flock to it as Germany’s wine capital, but those with a more historical inclination will know it as the home of Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the movable-type printing press. In 1450, Johannes manufactured his first books in the city, including the Gutenberg Bible. Step onto the streets that Gutenberg himself traipsed—wander past the market squares, parks and fountains before arriving at the church of St. Stephan. This sacred site boasts windows designed by artist Marc Chagall and is an enchanting place for a rest. Take in the dancing patterns of light that stream through the stained-glass as you sit in serenity of sacred space. Return to the ship with a renewed appreciation for history, invention and spirituality.

Day 9: Frankfurt

Settle into impressive Frankfurt. The city and its business district, Mainhattan, flaunt mixed-material skyscrapers that protrude from its otherwise classically German skyline. The financial and business hub is home to one of the world’s largest stock exchanges. Experience one of Germany’s most unique cities by foot or by bike, making time to sample its famed Ebblewoi, apple wine, or its schnitzel topped with green sauce. Bike through Mainhattan and past the stunning Central European Bank District, Goethe University and the captivating Museum Mile.

Choice of “Do as the Locals Do” Frankfurt walking tour or “Let’s Go” Mainhattan by bike

Masterpiece Collection Providing the most all-inclusive luxury to our guests is the heart and soul of our brand and that will never change. Yet sometimes our guests want something that goes even “above and beyond” our included experiences. In light of this, we now offer guests a curated selection of optional excursions, available for an additional charge. Romantic Heidelberg

“Do as the Locals Do” Frankfurt walking tour

Although Frankfurt is unabashedly modern, with a dynamic international population and a skyline dominated by skyscrapers, it has a much-loved historic core, and your ship docks within easy walking distance of it. Stroll with your guide through Römer Square, bordered by the 15th-century mansions that constitute the old city hall, to the Klein Market Hall, where locals choose produce and sausage, cider and eggs, flowers and spices, from the covered market’s 154 stalls. Frankfurt’s residents come from more than 200 nations, so you’ll find plenty of international specialties, too, along with regional items. You may stay here on your own or continue with your guide to Goethe House, the house museum devoted to Germany’s national poet, who was born in this city. Though Goethe’s work belongs to the world, Frankfurters take particular pride in their native son; the rooms here display furnishings from the writer’s day, as well as family portraits and the desk where Goethe completed Faust—not to mention a puppet theater with which the four-year-old future poet played.

You’ll encounter the city’s bustling present-day economic power as you walk past the Frankfurt stock exchange and continue to Main Tower. Nothing exemplifies Frankfurt more than this lofty skyscraper: The façade of a historic building is incorporated in its base and 56 stories of glass-encased offices soar above it. Ride up to the viewing platform for an amazing view of the city and its surroundings.

“Let’s Go” Mainhattan by bike

Get a different view of the city via bicycle, pedaling through the old town area that was meticulously reconstructed after WWII (St. Paul’s Church was one of the first structures to be rebuilt because of its important place in the development of German democracy—the country’s first freely elected parliamentary body met in St. Paul’s oval hall), along Museum Mile and down the shady, pleasant Main Promenade, which stretches along both banks of the river.

Romantic Heidelberg

  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Intermediate:
  • Transportation:
  • Price: $113 pre-purchase / €75 EUR onboard

A motorcoach carries you to Heidelberg, sometimes called the most romantic city in Germany. It is home to the nation’s oldest university, a charming baroque Old Town lying along the banks of the Neckar River and extraordinarily beautiful castle ruins overlooking the town. Your tour will take you to the castle—with its views of the red-tile roofs of the town below, the handsome Old Bridge and the wooded hillsides beyond—and then into Old Town, where you will see the late-Gothic Holy Spirit Church, the Student Prison and the longest pedestrian street in Germany.

*Masterpiece Collection Optional Experiences can be added to a booking up to 48 hours prior to the cruise/tour start date–if the booking window is missed, guests can book onboard (space permitting) and pay in Euros. Pre-booked Masterpiece Collection Optional Experiences are refundable up to 48 hours prior to the cruise/tour start date–if inside of 48 hours they are non-refundable. Select Masterpiece Collection Optional Experiences require a minimum number of participants and are subject to cancellation (with full refund) if minimum is not met. Gratuities are included. Masterpiece Collection Optional Experiences are non-commissionable. Prices are subject to change.

A special Captain’s Farewell Reception and Dinner will be prepared for you this evening.

Day 10: Frankfurt (Disembark)

Disembark the ship. If your cruise package includes a group departure transfer or if you have purchased a private departure transfer, you will be transferred to Frankfurt Airport for your flight home.

Terms, conditions and restrictions apply; pricing, availability, and other details subject to change and/ or apply to US or Canadian residents. Please confirm details and booking information with your travel advisor.

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