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Quark Expeditions - Explorers Wanted for one of the rarest wildlife encounters on Earth

About Antarctica

Explorers Wanted for one of the rarest wildlife encounters on Earth! Reserve your spot today to be one of a select few to ever have this incredible opportunity.

In 2004, Quark Expeditions made polar history when they conducted the first-ever ground visit to the remote emperor penguin colony near Snow Hill Island, Antarctica. Driven by a true expeditionary spirit—and guided by years of polar expertise—our team sailed past masses of dense ice and thick, tabular icebergs in the Weddell Sea to experience the legendary rookery, which now numbers 8,000 breeding pairs of emperor penguins. Today, it is one of the most exclusive wildlife viewing experiences on the planet. We invite you—almost two decades after our milestone visit of 2004—to embrace the thrill of the search as we once again set out to visit to the emperor penguins at Snow Hill Island.

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