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Spring Break Safari

Green Season Safari

Traveling during Africa’s green seasons – when rain is more common – nets the intrepid explorer a few surprises. Richer colors, lush landscapes, and active game are among the reasons a green season safari is coveted both by photographers and seasoned safari-goers. Plan ahead for travel this spring and summer with our picks for enjoying green season at its finest.

March Must-Sees: Namibia turns green, and Zambia's wild dogs come out to play.

April Adventure: It's a great time to make Madagascar and Botswana your destination.


March blankets the plains of Tanzania in green, setting the stage for breathtaking safaris on foot through the emerald surrounds. Covering three distinct regions and a variety of game, our Tanzania Walking safari brings the country to life.


In March the Okavango Delta swells with the seasonal rains, making Spring Break an ideal time of year for unique safaris by traditional mokoro canoe.

Green Season Safari


Chinzombo Sustainable Camp was the original base for conservationist Norman Carr during the green season, and its updated accommodations are a beautiful addition to the Luangwa Valley. Visit in April to see the valley in full bloom, and consider the Zambia Walking Safari to see the landscape in Norman Carr’s footsteps.

Views Over Your Private Pool


Naboisho Camp combines a traditional safari experience with modern luxury on a verdant private conservancy. This already exclusive safari experience is even better for spotting predators and prey during the quiet green season in May and June.

Naboisho camp guest tent interior evening light carousel

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