Trip to Creel

Shopping Spree in the Copper Canyon

By Anita Draycott

As with many other indigenous groups around Mexico, the Raramuris express their creativity and inventiveness working with materials such as clay, wood, and textiles. From these raw materials they create crockery, baskets and kitchen wares, as well as the typical Mexican wood and cloth dolls.

The village of Juan Mata Ortiz is famous for pottery that uses the ancient techniques applied by the artisans of Paquime. It’s not cheap but a worthy investment. This town, 32 km from Casas Grandes, is home to potters of exceptional talent whose work is renowned for its complex designs.

Other Raramuri specialties include woven palm-leaf baskets, decorative objects and furniture carved from wood. In more recent times they have begun making fine violins under the tutelage of Italian craftsmen.

El Fuerte in Sinaloa, is known for its beautiful palm hats with narrow brims and round crowns. It’s the crowning glory of the traditional Sinaloan costume. Also noteworthy are woven rugs and hammocks, Part with a few pesos and take home some Mexican style.

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