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Sleep aboard a jumbo jet at the Jumbo Stay in Stockholm, Sweden

If you want to enjoy a different kind of accommodation while in Stockholm, you must stay at the Jumbo Stay where you can enjoy sleeping on a jumbo jet without having to buy a ticket and fly!

A mere 5 – 10 minutes from the Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Jumbo Stay is the brainchild of  Oscar Diös, the previous owner of hostel Uppsala Vandrarhem and who now operates  CityStay Hotel in Uppsala, Sweden. In 2006, he bought a decommissioned model 747-200 jumbo jet built in 1976 from Tansjet Airlines which went bankrupt in 2002. It was in 2007 that he was given the permission by the Sigtuna authorities to establish Jumbo Stay at the entrance of the airport. Jumbo Stay opened to the public in 2009 and is now known as a budget-friendly hotel catering to passengers of the airport and those who want to experience how it is to sleep on an aircraft.

Jumbo Stay has 33 rooms which can accommodate 1 – 4 people. It has three types of accommodations, namely: Dorm Rooms for males and females with separate showers and toilets along the corridor; Standard rooms classified into the engine room, single room, wheelhouse room, and triple bed room; and the suites which are classified into the double bed ensuite black box, double bed ensuite cockpit, and the single bed ensuite. The rooms are not that spacious but are very comfortable. All of them are equipped with basic amenities including cable TV and internet access. Jumbo Stay also features a lounge / conference room, bar and café, and a left wing observation deck where you can relish standing on top of a jumbo jet’s wing. You can even rent the entire airplane for a family reunion or a business conference. Isn’t that a great idea!

The next time you are in Stockholm, stay a night or two at the Jumbo Stay. It is one experience you will never forget. Consult your travel agent for more details. 

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