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Take a stroll in Plaka, an old neighborhood in Athens, Greece

An old and historic neighborhood, and one of the nicest places in Athens, Plaka is where you can enjoy a stroll without having to worry about cars, buses and trucks zooming by. The neighborhood is where you can relish idyllic Athens after visiting its numerous historic and cultural sights.

Plaka is located on the northeast slope of Acropolis, making it just minutes away from archeological sites, and features  neoclassical architecture and a web of streets where you can get lost and spend hours immersing yourself in the country’s culture and traditions, which is why it is not surprising that Plaka is often referred to as the "Neighbourhood of the Gods". Because the village is under strict zoning and conservation regulations of the government, the neighborhood is a favorite destination of tourists who simply want to relax. You will not see all sorts of utility cables hanging haphazardly in its streets as this is the only neighborhood in Greece where all utility cables lie underground.

The streets of Kydathineon and Adrianou are the two main streets in the neighborhood. Kydathineon Street is where you will find the Jewish Museum, Folk-Art Museum, and where you can enjoy the music of street musicians while buying flowers or  unique gift items to bring home. It is also brimming with restaurants and cafes particularly around the Platia Filomenon Eterias area. You can also watch a movie at Cine Paris, Athens best outdoor movie theater. Adrianou Street is where you can enjoy shopping for jewelry at  Byzantino or Olympico Jewelry stores. Don’t forget to check out the small workshop of Dimitris Koutelieris where you will find furniture and artwork made out of dismantled ships, and other recycled materials. The street is also lined up with small shops where you can bargain hunt for fantastic gift items and souvenirs.

Although the neighborhood is quite a popular tourist attraction, it is often bypassed by first-time travelers who are more inclined to visit the archeological sites in Athens. Do not make that mistake; add a day trip to Plaka when visiting Athens. For more details, consult your travel agent. 

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