Brilliant Holiday...Patagonia, Easter Island & Bora Bora

By one of our clients | Trip to South America

It was a brilliant holiday! I’ll happily share some thoughts even if they’re as they come to mind rather than some organised reply. Hopefully, my husband can chime in, too.

I loved the Explora Hotel concept and would like to see their other outlets now (e.g., Atacama Desert)! It is “glamping” at its finest. The rooms were beautifully done (in a rustic fashion), the beds v comfortable, the food incredibly delicious and beautiful while being healthy (especially on Easter Island). The management and guides were so invested in the place and in our well-being. Honestly the whole feel was one of a very welcoming family. If you wanted a cappuccino at 3 pm, someone made it for you. If you wanted to ride bikes into the town on Easter Island the next morning, they’d find a way to get that done and throw in a guide. It was a beautiful balance between healthy pursuits (hiking, horseback riding, etc) and lounging/eating.

On the balance of time between Patagonia and Easter Island, I’d say we need to return to Patagonia. We were only 2.5 days and 3 nights there, and it was quite a bit of travel to get that done. There was so much more that we could’ve done as well in the “explorations” that they offered. That said, I was glad for the 5 nights and 6 days on Easter Island, even if that is more than most people would contemplate. We saw so much of the island and really got to the bottom of the experience there, so I don’t feel I need to get back there anytime soon.

The St Regis on Bora-Bora was beautiful - one of those idyllic spots on the planet. Our rhythm was far more restful there, and the 4 days / 4 nights was probably the right amount of time. It was our daughter's favourite spot. Having just come from the Explora hotels, though, it was a less inclusive experience. The staff was lovely - don’t get me wrong, and the room on the water was one of those most beautiful places, but it was wrenching to think that a cappuccino cost $8 and a gin & tonic $25….without tip. The “family embrace” of the Explora was just not present in this way. Also we had to get around on bicycles as the campus is quite large; that was absolutely wonderful but it was a stretch sometimes to find a decent bike. Little things like that - a great hotel, but it didn’t sweep me away quite as much as Explora in the overall feel. I am sure to be “unusual” in this respect because most people would put French Polynesia on the top of their to-do list, I bet.

Okay, enough from me! It was a great trip, and we are so grateful for your help in organizing it!

Warm regards,

Image: "The Fifteen Moai" by Lee Coursey is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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