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The Best In Luxury and Boutique Hotels in Cape Town, South Africa

There are countless reasons to make Cape Town in South Africa your next international vacation destination. But whether you are travelling for leisure or business, the upscale hotels in this incredible African city are among the finest in the entire world.

Cape Town, South Africa is a city that has a fascinating and troubled history but a bright and prosperous future. As for the present, it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and many of the folks who have travelled there have found that Cape Town's bevy of luxury hotels is on par with the finest anywhere in the world.

Sure there are plenty of places to stay in Cape Town that are less expensive. But for those who are looking to live in the lap of luxury, even if only for a short time, the city's luxury hotels are second to none.

The small and extremely modern Metropole Hotel is a 25-room Georgian-style establishment located on Long Street. The decor is as stylish as it gets, the clientele is fashionable, and the restaurant and cafe is so popular that often times guest of other nearby hotels make the trip to the Metropole just for the cuisine.

The Cape Cadogan Hotel on Union Street is another Georgian-style boutique hotel located on Upper Union Street. Guests can choose from one of 12 standard guest rooms, four sumptuously appointed apartments, or the owner's villa. The hotel decor is the perfect blend of modernism and antiquity and the public areas include an open fireplace and relaxing pool area.

Though it may not get points for an alluring name, the Daddy Long Legs Hotel, also on Long Street, is one of the most unique hotel experiences you will find anywhere in the world. This 13-room boutique hotel features a very arty aesthetic and each of the guest rooms was designed and decorated by a different local artist. Each room has its own "personality" and one of them even has a beautifully appointed bathroom with a karaoke-equipped shower.

Cape Town in South Africa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world but the luxury and boutique hotels that the city has to offer can help turn a great Cape Town vacation into a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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