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The Best Places to Visit in England Other Than London

When most people outside the United Kingdom think of a vacation there, they typically think of going to London. Historic attractions like Big Ben, Parliament, and Tower Bridge are certainly things that travelers should see at some point in their lives. But the United Kingdom has so much more to offer outside of the country's capital city.

Since no two travelers are alike it is difficult to determine the actual "best" non-London places to visit in England. It is of course largely dependent upon individual tastes and desires but there are several locations all around the country that are bound to appeal to even the most persnickety tourist.

But no matter what your individual taste and personality dictates, a trip to England should include at least a day or two - if not the entire trip - in a place other than London.

If natural beauty and all things nature are what you are looking for in a British vacation, then you will definitely want to check out the Lake District in the northwestern town of Cumbria. Some of the world's most visually stunning lakes and mountains can be found here and water sports like kayaking and canoeing are extremely popular among visitors and locals alike.

The United Kingdom's longest coastline can be found in Cornwall in Southwest England. Massive oceanfront cliff can be explored all along that coastline and when you want to get away from the water, attractions like the Museum of Witchcraft and the Camel Valley Vineyard are great places to spend part of an afternoon.

If you are a Beatles fan, then the one place you will absolutely want to visit is Liverpool in northwest England. The city is synonymous with Beatle-mania and features a Beatles Story museum as well as a Magical Mystery Tour bus ride that takes visitors to places like the real Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane.

While London is a fantastic place to take a vacation in the United Kingdom, don't forget that it is only one of the country's many and varied cities. The rest of the country is full of great places for travelers to discover and learn all there is to know about the great United Kingdom.

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