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The World's Best Family Holiday Destinations

One of the downsides of traveling - if you can actually call it a downside - is making the determinations of where in the world you want to go. That decision is difficult enough if you are traveling alone or just with your significant other but it can be even more challenging if you are deciding for your entire family.

Americans looks forward to their family vacations and those one or two weeks out of the year can take months or, depending on the destination, even years to plan. Half of the challenge, although it is a welcomed one, is deciding on a location to visit.

The family vacation is not only an American tradition though. It is something that is part of just about every developed country's social culture and as such there are a lot of people who have trouble finding a unique and exciting place to take the family when they go on vacation. With that in mind, the following are some great suggestions for your next family vacation destination.

Rajasthan, India is a fantastic option for families, particularly because of the bevy of transportation options. The rickshaws, elephants, and camels are all popular ways to get around, especially with kids.

If you have always wanted to take a trip to Europe, attractions like the Tivoli Gardens and the always popular Legoland makes Copenhagen in Denmark a great place for the family.

The Greek Islands of Crete, Rhodes, and Kefalonia, among others, have all of the beautiful beaches and clear blue water your family could want in a vacation. Speaking of islands, the Caymans, with their endless amazing resort options, are an extraordinarily popular place for families to spend their vacation.

If you want something traditionally American then few places will fit the bill as well as Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida. The London Dungeon and Edinburgh Castle help make Great Britain one of the leading family vacation destinations in the world.

For the consummate beach vacation, take a long weekend jaunt down to Cancun, Mexico. The great resorts and delicious cuisine is sure to keep both parents and kids happy no matter how long they stay. For a taste of the exotic, there is arguably no better place to visit than Sri Lanka. The island's mystical temples and fantastic food options are top with younger visitors.

The annual family vacation should be an exciting adventure no matter where you are going and these are just a few of the world's ideal locations for families to spend their time together away from home.

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