Trip to Germany

Germany is all about Adventure. You gotta travel here.

The Germans are master engineers, talented artists, eccentric politicians and ingenious architects. Their cities are almost surreal, and German-made equipment is perfect to a fault. Perhaps this is why most people do not associate Germany with a lot of adventure. Apart from Berlin where people can get careless with alcohol, the rest of Germany is a carefully structured society.

That is the world's general view of Germany. Here is the real view of Germany: the country is one of the most beautiful places in the world and has some of the most appreciated adventure destinations. Check out the list below and you will start to realize why your next adventure trip should be in Germany.

1. The Berchtesgaden Alps

This is a hiker's paradise. Located in the Bavarian Alps, along the German-Austrian Border, the Berchtesgaden Alps offers its visitors the scenic glacial trails where they can walk until their knees are weak. If you do not feel like walking, you can board a cable car and click away on whatever sights that take your fancy. Make sure you upload this photos on your Facebook Timeline - your buddies will look at your differently. You will be their new definition of urbane, suave and cosmopolitan.

2. Waldseilgarten Hollschlucht

Located in the mountainous region of Allgau at a village called Pfronten is one of the most adventure themed resorts in the world - the Waldseilgarten Hollschlucht. Here you will be able to sleep in a tent suspended from a huge tree. To get to this tents, you will be expected to climb a number of ropes, and for your athleticism, you will be rewarded with the great views of the Bavarian Alps.

3. Oberstdorf

The Bavarian Alps are not as grand as their Swiss and Austria counterparts, but the 4.5 miles long slope called Oberstdorf is the longest in Germany and will be your German version of high-end skiing. The Fellhorn and Kanzelwand ski areas, also located here are a good alternative for those that are not yet confident of their skiing skills.

4. Rügen’s Chalk Cliffs

Rugen is the largest island in Germany and its towering cliffs over the Baltic Sea is what every great photographer and hiker dream of. If you can get to this island during your Germany tour, you will be treated to the best of views. Your mountaineering skills will be tested to their limit in this island.

5. Isar River

Have you ever log rafted? On Isar River, you will dump the kayak and the canoe and get busy with an oar. You will paddle your way around aboard a hollow log...if you do not think this is adventurous and crazy; then you are even crazier than I thought.

Now that you know what Germany can offer in terms of adventure, why not head there and have the best adventure holiday ever?

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