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Top 5 Unusual Attractions in Bangkok, Thailand

Here are the top 5 unusual attractions in Bangkok which will either gross you out or fascinate you!

  • Forensic Museum at Siriaj Hospital. Also known as the Museum of Death, this museum will creep you out! The hospital has six museums, three of which are hair-raising! The museums feature glass displays of babies with genetic disorders, parasites and tape worms, and dissected adults and children's bodies, all preserved by formalin.
  • Human Bakery.  How would you like to eat some bread that look like body parts! You can opt for edible or non-edible stuff that were created for its shock value and are displayed all over the bakery. Each one is hand-painted and will send shivers up your spine.
  • Bangkok Correction Museum. What was once maximum security prison built in 1890, the museum displays some of the gruesome forms of punishment used by the penitentiary including enclosing a prisoner in a mall rattan ball full of a sharp nails, bamboo sticks that are pierced to the victim's nails, and other weapons used to torture prisoners.
  • Abandoned New World Shopping Mall Basement. Abandoned more than 15 years ago, the basement of the mall got filled with water, and to prevent it from becoming a mosquito breeding ground, the locals started putting fish. Today, it houses more than a thousand fish.
  • Bus Cemetery. It does not only look eerie, it is supposed to be haunted as well.  This is home of buses that were involved in major accidents. You might not want to visit the bus cemetery when the sun sets, as there have been reports of paranormal activities.

Dare to be different, include these unusual attractions in your itinerary when visiting Bangkok! Consult your travel agent for more details. 


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