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Where to get the best Oysters in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city of firsts. It has the busiest international airport as well as container port, it is the most densely populated city in the world, and it is about to embark on the first modern underground city. Its fine dining sector has not been left behind either - the city must feed the upwardly moving executives that work in its world beating conglomerates. Below are some eateries that you must check out if you are an oyster lover.

1. DotCod

This restaurant is located on the basement of Prince's Building in Central. Presently, the restaurant is serving oysters from French, Australian, American and New Zealand oyster farmers. They say that if an oyster is not sold at the DotCod, then it is not available in Hong Kong.

2. Ambrosia

The scenic views of the harbor available at this restaurant will make you forget why you are in the restaurant. It offers a 270 degrees view of the Hong Kong Harbor. Located at the iSquare in Tsim Sha Tsui, this restaurant is famous for its creamy-large size pacific oysters.

3. Cafe Deco

This restaurant serves oysters from the Coffin Bay of Australia that has unique salty taste. The oysters are served with a glass of Gregoris Pinot Grigio from Veneto Italy.

4. Oyster and Wine Bar

Perched on top of the Sheraton Hotel, this restaurant gives the view of the Hong Kong's skyline. It serves 25 different kinds of oysters including Eagle Rock from USA, white pearl from France, Streaky Bay from Australia, Iwagaki from Japan, and Irish rock from Ireland.

5. Rocksalt

Located in Stanley, this restaurant offers some of the best oysters in the world. The fact that you can have them when overlooking the sea makes the restaurant even more alluring. It serves oysters such as Coffin Bay from Australia and Bruny Bay from Tasmania.

Whatever else you do in Hong Kong, make some time to treat yourself nicely in any one of the above restaurant - it is an experience you will not regret.

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