Trip to Key West

5 Iconic Key West Bars

Key West offers you the best chance at experiencing the Floridian charm and hospitality. It is an island in the Straits of Florida, about 90 kilometers from Cuba, and at the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys. If you ever find yourself in this adventure lover's destination, make sure you visit the following iconic bars.

1. Louie's Afterdeck

Open from 11.30 AM to 1AM, this bar offers you the eye-pleasing views of the Atlantic Ocean and the beach below. It is ideal for casual dining and relaxation.

2. Orchid Bar

This bar is located at the poolside of the even more awe-inspiring 50's-style Orchid Key Inn. It is an 8-seater craft cocktail bar that delivers the best Floridian cocktails. Try to beat the cocktail hour at the pub and get heavily discounted drinks.

3. The Gardens Hotel/d'vine Wine Gallery

As the name suggests, this is the place to beat if you have a soft spot for great wines. Located within a 16-room luxury hotel, the d'vine Wine Bar offers 35 varieties of local and imported wines.

4. The Porch

This is an outdoors bar that's popular with cruise ship passengers. It is located on the Duval Street. It is obscured to the casual observer by a beautiful garden. Expect great craft beers and wines.

5. Bagatelle

This bar looks like a movie set. It infuses nostalgia among its patrons. That its cocktails such as The Mexican and Buzz Aldrin taste great makes this bar even more inviting. Your trip in the Key West cannot be complete without venturing here.

After a great day fishing or relaxing on the beach, visit the above watering holes for a great night ahead. Welcome to Key West Bars.

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