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Bordeaux, Port of the Moon You Gotta Go Here

The Port of the Moon or the Port City of Bordeaux is located in the Southwestern France and has been inscribed as an inhabited historic city in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city was established during the Age of Enlightment and thus features an ensemble of architectural marvels that were created from the Age of Enlightment to the first half of the 20th century.

The city is second only to Paris in the number of protected buildings among the French cities. It is recognized as a historic city with over 200 years of cultural exchange, particularly with the British Lowlands through trade in the 12th century.

The urban planning and buildings of the 18th century onwards paint the city in good light as one of the cities in France that have a sizeable number of classical and neo-classical architectural style buildings. It is a classic example of a town that has fulfilled the philosophers’ dream of making a city that is a melting pot of culture, humanism and cosmopolitanism.

Due to tis port, the city of Bordeaux has retained its functions of being a commerce and exchange city since its inception. Its history is a study of the Roman ingenious in picking strategic points to further their trading interests.

The city is home to 347 listed buildings and the historic town is protected by a law Initialized as PSMV (Plan de sauvegarde et de mise en valeur) that was made in 1988 and revised in 1998 and 2002. It is one of the most revered cities in the world in terms of history and culture. I would not be wrong to say that it is only outclassed by Rome, Paris and London in the whole of Europe in terms of history.

The port city of Bordeaux is much more than an ancient town. Apart from exploring the ancient buildings, you will get a chance to sail, sample French cuisine, enjoy football matches, and relax on the beach and many more activities. The city is not as pricey as Paris, but it is not cheap. Make sure you have a fairly sizeable budget before travelling there…a holiday spent in Bordeaux is a holiday well spent.

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