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How to Choose a River Cruise in Europe

European rivers such as the English Channel, Rhine, Moselle, Danube, Rhone/Sione, Douro, Elbe and Seine has become very popular river cruising destinations. Generally, Europe is an old continent and among all the above mentioned rivers, none can claim to offer better sights than the other. They all have their own unique things to see and do.

A tourist might find it hard to choose a European River Cruise. With high class river cruising companies offering the best services, it might even become more difficult. However, cruising experts have classified them in terms of their ability to deliver services to their customer. Below is a simple classification.

What modern comforts are available?

Ama Waterways has easily taken the title of being the most luxurious river cruising company on the globe. It boasts over 15 ships that operate in Asia, Europe, Russia and Asia.

Is the company attentive to details?

Tauck has over the last two years been rated the best company in terms of attention to details. If you are looking for a cruising company that takes the best care of its customers, then this family owned cruising company will give you an all-inclusive package. It operates on rivers such as Danube, Moselle, Dutch Waterways, Rhine, Rhone Seine and several others.

Opulence and Luxury afforded to customers

Uniworld Boutique River Cruises outranks its competitors with its personalized customer care. If you are looking for opulence during your cruise, then Uniworld will do a perfect job. The company has cruisers on all European waterways apart from River Elbe in the Czech Republic.

How extensive is the cruising company's coverage?

If you have time on your hands and would like to visit all the major European waterways, then Viking River Cruises will be your best bet. It offers cruises in all the European navigable rivers.

Cost of the cruise

If you are a budget tourist but still want to experience river cruises in Europe, Abercrombie & Kent will be your best bet. Although its coverage is not as wide as that of the other companies, it will still give you a taste of luxurious river cruises in Europe at a 4-star restaurant budget.

Other river cruising companies in Europe include; Avalon Waterways, Grand Circle Travel, European Waterways, Scenic Waterways, French Country Waterways, and American Steamboat Queen Company.

Generally river cruises in Europe are not the cheapest. However, the luxuries offered aboard the cruisers are worth the money spent. Make sure you know what you want before booking a river cruise.


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