Trip to Alaska

How to dress on an Alaska Cruise


So what do you wear during your Alaskan cruise? Well, it depends on which time of the year you are visiting. Generally, you can wear and pack the following items;

1. Dress in layers

A vest, then a shirt then a sweater and a over the other will do you wonders. When it is cold, they will keep you warm. When it is warm, then you can remove some.

2. My two cents advice

This is not Hawaii or the Caribbean. Flip-flops, bikinis, and such flimsy dressing is a no no here. Rather, pack light weight boots for exploring ice, heavy jackets to keep you warm and good quality sunglasses. The sun rays reflection from the ice can sometimes be very intense.

3. Protective clothes

Don't forget to carry shoes with good traction, gloves, scarf, sunglasses, and water proof clothes and canvas bags.

4. Other clothes to pack

  • Formal dinner clothes - remember you are in a cruise ship and you will need to upgrade your dress code on the dining table.
  • T-shirts, shorts and short sleeve shirts - The whiter, the better. They keep the heat off during summer when you are out on the streets shopping
  • Swimsuit - If you are crazy enough to take a swim in the Alaskan ice-cold water, then a swimsuit will come in handy. Note that your cruise ship will probably have a swimming pool and you will need the swimsuit.

There you have it. I cannot think of anything else...

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