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Three Local Restaurants You Must Check Out in Cancun

Cancun is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. It boasts warm weather, high waves that are suitable for surfing and white sand beaches with beautiful palm trees. If you don’t have an idea of what paradise looks like, visit Cancun and see your idea become a reality.

1. Peter's Restaurante

With just 8 tables, this restaurant is the hidden gem of Cancun's dining scene. The owner, Peter, greets every customer by hand and offers personalized service to every guest. The dishes at this restaurant include; shrimp, fish, veal, beef, vegetarian and pasta. The restaurant is set in the Bonampak neighborhood.

2. La Palapa Belga

Set on an idyllic location with sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea, this restaurant is the best place in Cancun to take out your dinner date. Although within the Cancun's hotel and restaurants district, it is still off the beaten path. You will get a taste of Europe with the French and Belgian gourmet dishes served here.

3. La Habichuela

Set in what was formerly home to Armando Pezzotti, La Habichuela has been a permanent fixture in the Cancun's gourmet dining food. Its signature dish is Cocobichuela, a mixture of lobster, shrimp, rice, curry sauce and tropical fruits, all served in a coconut shell. To top off your meal, they will serve you with the best Flambé dessert and Mayan coffee.

Welcome to Cancun and experience the best of Mexican hospitality!

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