A brief Thank You with the highest of enthusiasm and gratitude

by John Buck

How does one created an inspirational comment? A brief Thank you with the highest of enthusiasm and gratitude. We ventured to the Caribbean island, which started out as a joke and quickly turned re...

20th Anniversary Trip

by Mison

Through the years, Milka Cook has been the person we turn to as our travel agent, including travel assistance and advice. When we made plans for our honeymoon in Hawaii, she was there for us. Twe...

Thank You Suzanne El Tibi!

by Rola Yassine

Hello David My name is Rola Yassine a loyal customer to your travel company ; I was introduced to your agency at an event and was more than thrilled to work with your exceptional employees especial...


by Mison, Peter and the boys

Just wanted to send you a message to let you know that we love the room!! The view is spectacular, and the kids even have their separate quarters! I have never been this much impressed! It feels...


by Mr & Mrs Goring

Living BarbadosFEATURES-TRAVELJANUARY 5, 2019Friends of Barbados: Elizabeth & David Goringby LIVING BARBADOSWe arrive promptly at 10:30am to meet Elizabeth and David Goring long-time visitors to Ba...


by Barbara Holroyd

We have recently returned from a fabulous trip to China booked by Milka Cook at your agency. We saw enthralling sights, like the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Terra Cotta Warriors, had wonder...

Another wonderful and memorable family vacation

by Sashika

Hi Chris! Thank you for organizing another wonderful and memorable family vacation. Russia during Christmas was breath-taking. All the palaces, museums, shops, and government buildings were deco...

What an asset you are to Collacutt travel

by Janet & John Armstrong

Dear Liliana Thank you for your assistance in planning and organizing our trip to Prague & London. Everything was organized and your recommendations were perfect. Even the weather was warm & sunn...

Brilliant Holiday...Patagonia, Easter Island & Bora Bora

by one of our clients

It was a brilliant holiday! I’ll happily share some thoughts even if they’re as they come to mind rather than some organised reply. Hopefully, my husband can chime in, too. I loved the Explora...

Croatia Holiday

by Mary Ann & Tim

Thanks to Milka, my spouse and I were able to enjoy a few days at the Croatia Riviera. The staff at Hotel Marina were very informative and friendly. The room was large with a lovely view of the Ad...

Beaches Turks & Caicos

by Christine F.

Just letting you know my family had a fantastic vacation.Thank you very much for all your advice and efforts. My 5 year old didn't want to come home and my husband was the most relaxed I've seen hi...

Lovely Holiday

by Marshall

We had a lovely vacation. The weather was beautiful, and the resort was quite nice.  Thank you again for your assistance in getting us there -- we'll keep you top of mind moving forward, and w...

Sri Lanka

by Sashika

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!Thank you for meticulously organizing our vacation in Sri Lanka, procuring the visas, and arranging the transfers.All your effort is greatly appreciated!

Globus - South America

by Daniel (age 90) & May Ann (age 80)

There were 24 on our trip, ages range from 60-70, we were the youngest and they were amazed that we could keep up with them!It was a wonderful trip and we saw and did a lot of things in the short 1...

Insight Vacations

by Maureen

Dear Liliana,Hope your trip was great... ours: FLAWLESS!!!We want more!!!Thank you for all your suggestions and for Insight Vacations. They were simply... GRAND and the BEST tour company yet.

River Cruise

by Janet & John Armstrong

We want to thank you for your assistance in booking our trips over the years. (especially my last adventure - the Uniworld River Cruise). You (Liliana) are extremely professional, organized, knowl...


by Barb

We thoroughly enjoyed the visit you planned for us to Turkey and would recommend it to anyone... Thank you again for all of your work in finding this 'last minute' trip.  it was one of the bes...


by Anne & John

Just wanted to thank you for a great trip. We loved Ca Sagredo hotel especially the breakfast in a beautiful room with wonderful classical music playing every morning. Alle Testiere was the best!...

Iceland - Custom Tour

by Brett & Patti

I just want to tell you the trip was unbelievable! I didn't know what to expect going there [Iceland], the tour company was great, the excursions were amazing, we even got a few extras from the to...

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