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The weirdest Unforgettable Foods Around The World

Don't start retching on me, not just yet. The foods we are about to discuss are weird at best and vomit-inducing at the worst. But don't dismiss them. They are delicacies in some parts of the world. Just make sure you do not read this post before a meal. Here we go;

  1. Stargazy Pie - This is a delicacy in England. It is a pie with fish looking up. What's weird is the dead fish staring back at you, and expecting you to have the guts to eat it, eyes included.
  2. The drunken shrimp - This is a delicacy in China. The shrimp will still be alive when it is served in the strong baijiu liquor on your dining table. Imagine eating an animal that is not quite dead...
  3. Bush meat in Africa - Now if I were you, I would be hesitant eating this West African Delicacy. It is said that Ebola was transmitted from primates (read baboons and gorillas) meat.
  4. Airag - This is a delicacy in Mongolia. It is a mare's fermented milk. Really, it is just fermented horse milk.
  5. Monkey brains - Get drunk before sampling this Chinese and West African delicacy. It is eaten raw.
  6. Japanese wasp crackers - The Japanese have the highest life expectancy in the world. Could it be because that these insects are part of their meal?
  7. Ant Eggs Soup - There goes my appetite. This is a delicacy in Laos.
  8. Stink heads - I never thought that I would find weird food in American territory. The stink heads are salmon heads buried in ice for fermentation. It is a delicacy in Alaska. Next time I see somebody from Alaska, I'll ask him whether he has tasted some stink head before I become friends with them. I do not want to be welcomed for dinner only to find stink head staring back at me on the dinner table.
  9. Eskimo ice-cream - No, it is not sweet. It is made of reindeer fat, berries, ground fish, seal oil and freshly fallen snow.
  10. Haggis - This is a delicacy in Scotland. It is a sheep’s stomach filled with spices, ship's liver, lungs, onions and oatmeal.

The above foods are weird alright. You can never forget of drinking ants' eggs soup, can you?

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