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What’s All the Buzz About Reykjavík?

Reykjavík. That’s pronounced RAKE-ya-vick. This enchanting city way up North has been appearing on top-places-to-visit lists for the past few years, and it’s making its way onto more and more travelers’ bucket lists. Have you wondered what the buzz is all about? And, where is it, anyway?

First off, Reykjavík is the capital of Iceland. Sitting on a bay overlooked by Mt. Esja in southwest Iceland, this city has charming rows of concrete multi-colored houses, with massive mountains looming across the harbor in the distance.

Reykjavík vibrates with life. From its delectable cuisine, to its superb art scene and attractions, to its pulsating nightlife, and take-your-breath-away nature experiences, this city has really come into its own as a destination hot spot. Here are five of the best things to do in this northernmost capital of the world.

1. Visit Hallgrimskirkja and the Sun Voyager
The other-worldly, 73-meter-high structure towers over the city center, giving a stunning 360-degree view over all of Reykjavik, the mountains, and the ocean stretching west to Greenland and the Americas. Another place with spectacular views is the Perlan glass dome on Öskjuhlíð Hill. Also take a walk along the shore to see the eerie Sun Voyager sculpture in front of the Harpa Concert Hall.

2. Soak in the Secret Lagoon
Geothermal hot tubs and pools can be found all over the city, just waiting to soothe travelers’ aching muscles. Outside of the city limits is the Secret Lagoon, built around a natural hot spring, and one of the oldest pools in Iceland.

3. Taste your way through the city
Reykjavík delivers on the culinary front. Local cuisine focuses on seafood and lamb. Try the cod's head cooked in chicken stock; and for those who are not faint of heart, sample the fermented shark (usually washed down with a shot of Brennivín, Iceland's black death schnapps). And, just for kicks, try an Icelandic hot dog – some say they’re the best in the world.

4. Let nature take your breath away
Just beyond the city, nature awaits. Consider experiencing: a lava tour, a volcanic landscape horseback riding tour, a Glacier Lagoon tour, a Jeep or snowmobiling adventure, or whale watching.

5. See the Northern Lights
For the pièce de résistance, Iceland is one of the best places in the world to see the spectacular phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis. Just a short drive from the city center are heaths, where the only lights you’ll see are the headlights of your car … and if you’re lucky, the magnificent show up in the Heavens.

One of the best ways to see Reykjavík is by taking a luxury cruise that includes this wondrous port of call. Silversea Expeditions is offering a special “Dublin to Reykjavík” itinerary aboard its Silver Cloud on May 29-June 6, 2020 that journeys to the three beautiful countries of Scotland, the Faroe Islands, and Iceland. The voyage starts with Iona and Lunga in Scotland, visiting the UNESCO World Heritage site of St. Kilda. Via the Orkneys and Shetland Islands with their UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the vessel then heads for the Faroe Islands and Iceland, where guests look for puffins, gannets and guillemots. In Iceland, there is time to explore the volcanic landscapes and to watch for whales. Throughout the voyage, guests learn about the history, geology, wildlife and botany of these naturally beautiful locations from lecture presentations offered by the knowledgeable onboard Expedition Team. The expedition ship carries just 254 guests and has 212 crew, to make sure that every need is met.

Is it time to set your inner explorer free? To discover a place at the top of the world that’s new and different from any place you’ve ever been? Check out this amazing trip for 2020 Give us a call, and we’ll make sure that you have an amazing experience in the finest comfort and luxury.

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